Care For Your Everyday Health Needs


There are 41 Primary Care Networks operating throughout Alberta, 3.2 million patients informally enrolled, over 3,800 family physicians, and more than 1,400 other health practitioners in both rural and urban areas, from Lethbridge to Fort McMurray, Banff to Lloydminster and Calgary to Edmonton. Primary Care Networks are created through an agreement between physicians and Alberta Health Services. These PCNs bring local physicians and other health care professionals together to provide comprehensive patient care to Albertans, through solutions to meet the needs of the local community and their health issues.

Primary health care is your first point of contact with the health system, bringing health services closer to where you live and work.
Regardless of where it happens, primary health care is an important part of helping you to be healthy. Primary health care is the first place people go for:
  • health care or wellness advice and programs
  • treatment of a health issue or injury
  • to diagnose and manage a health condition

Primary health care includes all the services in your community that support the day-to-day health needs of you and your family through every stage of life. Those services may include:

  • a visit to your family doctor
  • a consultation from a nurse practitioner
  • advice from a pharmacist
  • an appointment with a dietitian or therapist

Primary health care includes a focus on wellness, and connecting you with social supports that influence your health status, such as housing or parental support. Primary health care draws on the expertise of many different providers working together. It recognizes that your health, wellness and quality of life are influenced by your economic, cultural and physical situations, and your spiritual belief.  To find out more about Primary Care networks go to;

What is a Primary Care Network? - YouTube